Rhode Island Convention Center


The RICC has been taking an active role in incorporating green practices in the management of this facility. Green Committee meetings are held monthly to discuss and implement environmental initiatives. Our mission is to establish a Green program that is both financially responsible and environmentally conscientious. This will be accomplished through placement of convenient public recycling bins for our attendees and staff along with a comprehensive education of our entire staff, partnered with targeted polices and periodic evaluations.
Current practices include:

  • Recycling of all bottles, cans, office paper and cardboard
  • Recycling bins are placed in all public spaces
  • The use of motion sensors and energy efficient lighting in our 2,400 space parking garage
  • The use of occupancy sensors for lights in all emergency stairwells and meeting rooms
  • The use of green chemicals in all water treatment systems and for general cleaning
  • Variable Speed Drives on mechanical equipment
  • Water conservation through use of automatic faucets and flush valves in restrooms
  • All exterior tunnel lighting replaced with compact fluorescent fixtures and electronic ballasts
  • LED lighting in exhibit halls saving over 60,000KWH per year
  • E-Waste recycling over 2,300lbs in 2013
  • All leftover food, fit for human consumption, as determined by the chef, is donated to a local food pantry “the Amos House” all other food is sent to a pulper for food composting
  • All cooking oil is recycled and turned into Biodiesel
  • Reception napkins made from recycled paper
  • Recycling Figures: 2013 – 24.4%;  2012 – 31.75%

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